Electrical – The most important system in the house, when you get a resale flat or condo.

We all love our electricity and the quality of life it brings to us. When we turn on our computer, television, lights and appliances with a flick of the switch, all these are powered by electricity. However, with such convenience upon us, we will sometimes tend to take things for granted.

What we will also forget is the lengths of electrical wiring running through the home or office that gives allows the power to reach these appliances at the proper speed and power levels. Like veins in the body, proper electrical wiring is the life of the home, to provide the routes

for electricity to properly flow from the power source to all parts of the house.

Electrical wiring are insulated conductors or cables use to carry electricity. The wires are conductor materials that allow the electric current to flow through with little resistance. Copper is the most commonly use material. The wires will then be covered with an outer sheath of insulation usually rubber. Cables are mostly consisting of two or more of these insulated wires running side by side and bonded, twisted or braided together to form a single assembly.

These wires can vary due to their gauge, materials they are constructed with and other more technical reasons. They are identifiable via different colors and markings. Also it is very important to choose the right type of wires to suit each application as we would not want to over ‘juice’ a certain source or under power an appliance. These are also concerned to safety matters hence only a certified electrical engineer should be called in to deal with any wiring issue in the household.

In the past, electrical wiring and cables would be present and visible throughout the household. As the usage of electricity increases with all the latest gadgets available, the amount of wiring and cables also increases. Modernizing the electrical wiring has also been about concealing the unsightly clutter of cables and wiring. Now there are panels and hidden structures to neatly tuck away the wiring while still providing that convenient power to turn on our various appliances with the flick of a switch.