Tips of Wiring

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Why the Main Circuit Breaker is Tripping?

Some people asking, why this circuit breaker often tripping?

Actually this tripping happen will have some reasons behind :

– Wiring too old

– Wiring overloading

– Appliances earth Leakage or faulty

– Lightings ballast or transformer faulty

– MCB’s or ELCB faulty

However, Main Circuit Breaker tripping is a signal that you may take a closer look into your home wiring and appliances.

Is a good news that your Main Distribution Board is working. I heard someone say that ” i don’t want circuit breaker to trip, is not normal! “. Let me tell you, if circuit breaker not trip at all, maybe you and your family are in the risk of fire. To protect of unwanted issue, this main Circuit Breaker is not recommanded install inside the cabinet. It must be expose on the wall alone.

Don’t set yourself up for disaster!

Is the time to change up your wall plates, if you find the plate is warm and the screws holding the plate to the wall are hot to the touch, this is a sure sign of overheating.

– cracked outlet

Cracked outlet plates will likely become dust traps, ultimately, and fire hazards.

– too hot in here

Many multi plugs accumulates in one place, will cause overheat and burnt.

Common Electrical Failure

Here are some common failure that happen in our house, just for a guideline, anyone that don’t have the electrical knowledge, please engage licence electrician to do it.


what to do when electrical power failure?

Wiring parts / Accessories

Some of us do not know how we called or name the points that we need to install in our house, below is the following items that can help you.
Old DB Box ( Citcuit Breaker )

old db box

A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit. Its basic function is to detect a fault condition and, by interrupting continuity, to immediately discontinue electrical flow. Is for safety purpose.

How to name the switch and sockets ?

Single Socket outlet
Double Socket outlet
Heater Switch
Air-con outlet

1 Gang switch
2 Gang switch
3 Gang switch

Telephone outlet
TV outlet