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HDB Flat Whole house Electrical Re-wiring

We are a group of EMA licence to provide the electrical services at your home.  If your house is already old and the wiring itself is surely old as well, it is better and more safe to redo and rewire it. You should consider Electrical improvements in your house for you and your family safety.

<<< EMA Licence : 8/22140 >>>


 HDB Rewiring Package 3 room flat 4 room flat 5 room flat
Lighting Point  8 10 12
Single/Double Power Point 8 10 12
Water Heater Point 1 1 1
Air-con Point 1 1 1
 Total (SGD)  S$950.00*  S$1180.00*  S$1450.00*

This is the basic 4 items electrical points at your home. You may need to have:
double socket power point;
extra water heater point;
SCV point;
Telephone point;
circuit breaker;
Hood / Hob Point……


Give us a ring if you want to have the whole house rewiring work @ 6285 8242

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HDB Flat Electrical wiring short video clip